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Wendy reviews ‘Undone’ by Morgan Noel and R. Phoenix. Self published January 30, 2018, 569 pages.

Leandro is a capricious fae, and he has it all: a glamorous casino as his personal playground, more power than he knows what to do with, and Kol’tso, his pet incubus. When Kol’tso tries to push the boundaries of their relationship and provokes feelings in Bryce, a nosy detective, the arrangement becomes more and more complicated. Kol’tso soon finds out there is a high price to pay for angering one of the fae. He finds himself trapped between his nature as an incubus and his desire for freedom. Leandro and his personal security guard Gideon may just be the only obstacles standing between the incubus and everything he wants.

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Bound by Sacrifice

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Because!reasons I’ve had to cancel/postpone the series reorganization project. I’m editing the original books and getting them back on Amazon. I’ve commissioned new covers, and once I have everything in order, I’ll retitle the series and get everything else straightened out.

Sorry for any confusion/waffling, and thanks for your interest! (13 January 2017)

Re-Release Information:

The Ripples in the Status Quo series has been removed from sale. Puppy (Standalone) and Gifts (Status Quo #1) are available for sale and on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.

I am in the process of editing and re-releasing the RISQ books as a new, more cohesive series: The Fate of the Fallen. I will release them every 2-4 weeks as possible after I work through them to ensure better organization and improved content.

Bought, Ravel, and Recoil: Content from these books has been combined and edited. It will be released in two parts, Fate of the Fallen #1 (Bound by Sacrifice) and #2 (Not Yet Named).

Owned and Temper: I am working to combine and edit these books. They will be released in two parts, Fate of the Fallen #3 (tentatively titled Breaking Point) and #4 (tentatively titled The Price of Freedom).

Refraction: Refraction will undergo minor edits. I anticipate that the re-release, Fate of the Fallen #5 (tentatively titled Heroes and Villains) will contain 1-3 additional chapters.

Bound by Sacrifice (Fate of the Fallen #1) will be officially released on January 6, 2017.